30 years of the international year of the family (iyf)

May 2024

The 30th Anniversary of the IYF will be celebrated in partnership with all Provinces, albeit being hosted in the Gauteng Province. It is imperative for the National Department of Social Development and the Provincial Departments of Social Development to celebrate the IYF to understand the challenges that families are faced with and to render integrated services to these families.

Child protection week Improving child safety in SA

May 2024

With the Child Protection Week campaign underway, the Social Development Department is urging people to seek alternative care for their children if they are unable to look after them. The department is on a mission to promote children's rights and mobilise society to protect children from violence, neglect and exploitation. The department's Acting Deputy Director-General of Welfare Services, Siza Magangoe discussed this with eNCA.

30 years Of The International Year Of The Family (IYF)

May 2024

Celebrating The 30th Anniversary Of The International Year Of The Family (IYF)

30 years of protecting South Africa’s children

May 2024

When the new democratic government took office, it committed to putting in place systems to protect children. 30 years into this democracy, children and development partners commend the work of the South African government..

Child Protection week 2024

May 2024

Protecting South Africa’s Children 30 years on

Protecting South Africa’s Children 30years on

May 2024

Protecting South Africa's Children 30years on

Celebrating 30 years of freedom

1 Season May 2024

Over the span of 30 years, South Africa has achieved remarkable progress and strides forward. As a nation, we stand united, embodying the ethos of "Better Together." This docuseries delves into the concrete milestones accomplished by the Department of Social Development throughout this transformative period.

We are South Africa. We are Better Together!!

1 Season Apr 2024

30 years, we have made strides and significant progress. We are South Africa. We are Better Together!!

The EmpowaMEN Annual Summit 24

1 Season Apr 2024

The summit which brings together 3000 men, aims to tackle toxic masculinity at its root, shatter stereotypes and rewrite the script of manhood while assisting the country in its fight against Gender Based Violence and Femicide (GBVF) and strengthening families.

Integrated Community Registration Outreach (ICROP) in Pearston

1 Season Apr 2024

This week, Eastern Cape Premier Oscar Mabuyane and Social Development MEC Bukiwe Fanta were in Pearston (Sarah Baartman District) for an Integrated Community Registration Outreach (ICROP). It’s an integrated outreach programme delivering government services on wheels. Mzukisi Solani compiled this report…

SASSA Docuseries

1 Season Nov 2020

The Social Relief of Distress Grant (SRD Grant) is meant for South African Citizens, Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Special Permit Holders who are between the ages of 18 and 60 years, who have insufficient means, who do not receive social grants on behalf of herself/ himself or who are not contributing to or eligible for UIF payment, and have no financial support from any other source.

R350 grant docuseries

A 1 Season Dec 2022

SASSA pays a visit to a young South African who used some of his R350 grant funds to help him build a generator-powered car. 21-year-old Thembelani Zondo told SASSA the financial assistance helped him get the world to notice his potential. And now, he's hoping for sponsors to reach out to him so he can get an opportunity for formal training.

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